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How Rosemary Moore CEO of Sharpe & Associates Insurance Agency Gathers Client Declaration Pages Faster with InsurGrid

Learn why Rosemary Moore of Sharpe & Associates says adding InsurGrid to her toolset is one of the best business decisions she’s ever made.

Learn why Rosemary Moore of Sharpe & Associates says adding InsurGrid to her toolset is one of the best business decisions she’s ever made.

The Challenge

Reliant on client phone calls to gather declaration pages, Rosemary and her team needed a quick and simple way to gather insurance information to quote clients faster. 

The Outcome

Today, Rosemary and her team use InsurGrid to streamline their quote process, close business faster, and keep clients happier. 

How InsurGrid Helped

President and CEO of Sharpe & Associates, Rosemary Moore, heads the multi-line agency providing life, health, and accident insurance across 15 states. With over 27 years of experience, the Detroit-based CEO knows the importance of choosing the right tools to support both your team and your clients.

Prior to using InsurGrid, Rosemary and her team of 11 agents were (like many agencies) bound to the phone. Reliant on client phone calls to gather information and declaration pages. Often leading down document goose chases when many clients didn’t know where to look or how to find the necessary information. A process that proved challenging for clients and time-consuming for agents.

Gathering the Right Information — Faster with InsurGrid

When Rosemary brought InsurGrid into her wheelhouse — she unlocked “one of the best business decisions [she’s] made.” Streamlining the insurance information gathering process with a simple login. With the InsurGrid Link, Rosemary and her team could share a customized portal and security-safe login to pull client declaration pages seamlessly, automatically, and pain-free.

“All we have to do is share the InsurGrid link with our clients. All they have to do is enter a little bit of information and those declaration pages go right into our agency.”

Gathering near-instant, accurate client dec pages eliminated hours of phone calls, document digging, and headache — unlocking a way for the Sharpe & Associate Agency to respond faster to requests and quote more clients. 

No longer waiting on clients to find declaration pages or call their prior coverage company to retrieve them, InsurGrid helped streamline their overall process. Rosemary and her team use InsurGrid to close business faster and keep clients happier.

Sweetening the Customer Experience with InsurGrid

Any good agent knows that in order to sell more business, you have to make it easy for your clients to do business with you. For Rosemary and her team, InsurGrid provided a simple and stress-free way for clients to share the information they need — even when a client is far than tech-savvy. And with several seniors in her book of business, Rosemary has found InsurGrid to be an asset, using the InsurGrid Link with clients without hassle.

“InsurGrid has been very intuitive, seamless, and easy to use — and clients love it”

As for any agent who is on the fence about technology, Rosemary advises, “Just do it. It’s going to save you time, money, and improve your agency’s ability to acquire new clients.”

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