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Easy insurance quoting ahead. Collect insurance policy data instantly.

InsurGrid is your hub for collecting insurance policy data and documents professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth email so you can get back to work.

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In 2021, we helped 750 insurance agents collect 35,000 dec pages, and close +$41,000,000 in premium.

Simplified insurance quoting for more than 1,800+ insurance agents

The all-in-one insurance assistant

InsurGrid simplifies quoting by collecting all the policy data and documents you need upfront with all your clients, saving you time and making it easy for you to win more business.

One click insurance policy data collection

Collect dec pages without the back-and-forth emails. Simply send a link to your clients and InsurGrid's non-technical process handles the mess.

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Diverse and flexible information collection tools

Collect insurance policy data directly from the client’s current insurance provider using email, SMS, QR code or embedded on your own website.

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A built-in community with ample resources

InsurGrid provides templates to help you engage with customers and a supportive community of agents just like you.

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So simple, you'll want to try it again

InsurGrid is so easy to use. You can start collecting your client’s insurance policy data instantly. No learning or training necessary.

It's 3 easy steps

Inform your client. Share your link. Get insurance policy data. InsurGrid simplifies quoting.

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See how InsurGrid works

We've reinvented how insurance is sold

It puts us way further ahead of other agents who purchase leads, we have something to talk to our leads about, and it’s not just me randomly calling you”

John Williams
Williams Agency Farmers

"I’ve had six different clients in three days, one of them being a 61 year old who completed it in three minutes wthout any hesitation. The others were so busy and used to using apps so it’s not a big deal to them at all””

Josh Bagby
The Bagby Agency

“This is the greatest tool I think I have! I just received a referral from an auto dealership and was talking to the prospect. I asked her if she knew her limits and she asked me if I could get her policy to find out. I emailed her my InsurGrid link and I had all her dec pages (not just her auto) in a matter of minutes!

Nancy Kuznieski
The Nancy K Insurance Agency

Frequently Asked:

A few answers to questions to help clear things up

What is InsurGrid?

InsurGrid is your hub for collecting insurance policy data professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth email so you can get back to work. Make buying insurance effortless for your clients with InsurGrid.

How secure is InsurGrid

All sensitive user information is stored using 256-bit AES encryption. It is one of the most secure encryption algorithms and is used in most modern enterprise software. Our data is encrypted at rest and in transit via TLS. TLS is a more secure protocol than SSL even though they’re used interchangeably. Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for additional details.

How do I get started?

Create a free InsurGrid account in 60 seconds. You will receive your InsurGrid Link customized to your agency. To start collecting insurance policy data, start emailing and/or texting your InsurGrid Link to clients.

Does InsurGrid pull all the client’s dec pages?

Yes, InsurGrid is able to access all personal and commercial lines policy data tied to the client’s existing insurance account. For example, InsurGrid pulls the following policy data and documents - auto, home, renters, personal umbrella, boat, motorcycle, RV, workers comp, BOP, and life. Create a free InsurGrid account in 60 seconds.

Does this work for health insurance?

InsurGrid does not work for health insurance. Our product only supports property and casualty insurance.

How are other agents getting value out of InsurGrid?

We have over 1,800 all across the United States who get value from InsurGrid. View our YouTube channel to hear from over 25+ insurance agents on the value they receive from InsurGrid.

How does InsurGrid pricing work?

Create a free InsurGrid account in 60 seconds. We offer monthly and discounted annual subscriptions. You can cancel any time.

Join hundreds of agents who are doing more with InsurGrid

“It didn’t just pull information about the dec pages, it pulled the actual dec pages which completely shocked me” — Rob Thomas, Rob Thomas Insurance Agency

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