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August 18, 2022

How InsurGrid’s Accelerated Underwriting is Putting an End to Blind Quoting


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The insurance quoting process is brutally time-consuming for the agent and their client. Because of this, agents often blindly quote their clients when they don’t collect all the client’s information. Agents know blind quoting is risky, bad practice, and can lead to E&O exposure for their agency, yet agents still blindly quote to get a sale. 

Today, we’re excited to announce InsurGrid’s Accelerated Underwriting product to put an end to blind quoting. In addition to using InsurGrid to collect policy insurance data (premiums, limits, deductibles, discounts, and more found on dec pages), Accelerated Underwriting collects additional information from clients to help agents prepare an accurate quote without having to guess important details like roof age.

Over 3,000 insurance agent’s across the United States use InsurGrid as their hub to collect policy information professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth email so they can get back to work. We’re making it even easier for clients to share all their information for their agent to prepare a new quote with InsurGrid’s Accelerated Underwriting. 

A 145-Year-Old Insurance Story

InsurGrid is built on 5 generations of insurance entrepreneurs. My family has been in the insurance industry since 1876 when my great-great-grandfather T.B. Beach started T.B. Beach & Sons in Schenectady, New York. Fast forward to the present day and my Mom sells P&C insurance and my Dad sells life insurance (rocking the custom license plate “Life Man”). You could say insurance runs in our veins.

Growing up, I had my first introduction to the flaws of the insurance space when I was tasked with cold calling clients and helping track what information was collected from what client. I quickly understood the frustrations behind selling insurance and the never-ending admin work it took to support clients.

Putting an End to Blind Quoting 

Over the past 3 years, I have talked to thousands of insurance agents. It pains me when I hear agents tell me they don’t need dec pages or they only need several pieces of client information for a quote. I’ve even heard stories of agents making up details on a client’s property just to get a quote through. I believe blind quoting is flat-out unethical and something we need to end. 

Meanwhile, as I build relationships with the top insurance agents in the country, I hear a heavy weight and civic duty these top agents put on collecting all the required and necessary client information to prepare an accurate quote. What I also hear is that this not only leads to their clients receiving proper coverage, but most importantly more closed quotes. That’s right, the agents who put in the time to collect all the required client information are better at servicing their clients and closing more deals. In short, the agents who serve their clients with the highest integrity win at the end of the day. 

It’s stories like Libby Woolcock, a rockstar Liberty Mutual insurance agent, who is focused on a proper insurance sales process that wins at the end of the day. She is dedicated to collecting all the required client information to provide her client with the proper coverage. Today, InsurGrid is making it easier for Libby to accomplish this with Accelerated Underwriting. You rock Libby! 

I wish all agents put the same weight on collecting all the client information to prepare an accurate quote as much as the top insurance agents in the country do. I believe we can put an end to blind quoting – one insurance agent at a time. 

I am convinced that there is a new way. Agents need a 21st-century approach to their sales process. An approach to collect information to make their lives easier, take the heavy lifting off the client, and have the ability to extend a modern experience. In an effort to continue accomplishing this mission, I’m excited to announce InsurGrid’s Accelerated Underwriting. 

Accelerated Underwriting with InsurGrid

For an insurance agent, the client's dec pages outline their current coverages and minimal details on their vehicles and properties. Insurance agents need additional vehicle and property information from their clients to prepare an accurate quote. This can take the agent a lot of time through multiple phone calls, emails, or even texts all while the agent is working with a dozen clients at a time. This leads to a hassle of back-and-forth communication with the client, which can sometimes lead to nowhere. 

With InsurGrid’s Accelerated Underwriting, the agent is able to gather policy, vehicle, and property data all within one single transaction. After the client has connected their online insurance account with their current carrier, the client is asked additional questions about their drivers, vehicles, and properties. This gives the agent everything they need to prepare an accurate quote.

Accelerated Underwriting with InsurGrid is the end of blind quoting. Let’s all put an end to blind quoting. Start using InsurGrid’s Accelerated Underwriting, sign up for an InsurGrid demo!