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December 6, 2021

How the New InsurGrid Link is Helping Over 450 Insurance Agents from Becoming the Next Blockbuster


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Insurance agents are in danger. The old way of collecting declaration pages can’t compete with large insurtech carriers. Like a nostalgic video rental store, agents are at risk of losing market share to the big-box insurtech carriers. If insurance agents are Blockbuster, insurtech carriers are Netflix. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of the new InsurGrid Link, a tool carefully designed to solve this very problem and help insurance agents close more business — faster. InsurGrid allows agents to seamlessly gather deceleration pages in half the time and increase close rates by 50% (how much more effective are when you have a dec page in your hand?).

Insurance agent’s across the United States use the new InsurGrid to focus more time on building relationships, closing new clients, and giving more time to what they love.

An 144-Year-Old Insurance Story

InsurGrid is built on 5 generations of insurance entrepreneurs. My family has been in the insurance industry since 1876 when my great-great-grandfather T.B. Beach started T.B. Beach & Sons in Schenectady, New York. Fast forward to the present day and my Mom sells P&C insurance and my Dad sells life insurance (rocking the custom license plate “Life Man”). You could say insurance runs in our veins. 

Growing up, I had my first introduction to the flaws of the insurance space when I was tasked with cold calling clients and helping track what information was collected from what client. I quickly understood the frustrations behind selling insurance and the never-ending admin work it took to support clients.

Preventing Agents From Becoming the Next Blockbuster

While I didn’t fall into insurance initially, I went to work in tech and learned how technology has completely transformed the way we communicate, shop, buy, and sell. Consequently, it’s changed our expectations too. Consumers expect a seamless online experience from every business, in every industry. The absence of one makes you look even more dated.

Come 2018 and several tech jobs later, I checked in with my Mom on how the business was doing. She was still struggling to quickly collect declaration pages from her clients. I realized my Mom's process was similar to my great-great-grandfather’s process in the 1800s. After all these years nothing had changed.  

I am convinced that there is a new way. Agents need a 21st century approach to their sales process. An approach to collect information to make their lives easier, take the heavy lifting off the client, and have the ability to extend a modern experience. So I came back into the insurance industry and founded InsurGrid.

Introducing the New InsurGrid Link

After speaking to thousands of agents about their pain points, I realized agents need a fast and easy way to collect declaration pages. Agents have a glaring disadvantage when it comes to going up against the new insurtech companies. In order to stay relevant, agents need to start thinking about how they can effectively compete — and win.

We're building InsurGrid to introduce a new sales process, make insurance fast, easy, and E&O free, saving the agency time and money. Over a year ago we launched the first InsurGrid Link, we received an incredible response, invaluable feedback, and most importantly, a generous community of agent support. We listened to our audience and took this insight to build the most valuable insurance tool for agents.

What does the new InsurGrid Link do?

  • You text or email your clients a link to your customized portal
  • They complete a security safe login and InsurGrid pull their declaration pages
  • You can quote the client quickly and advise on an apples to apples quote
What are the benefits to the agent?
  • Save a bunch of time from chasing down clients for their information
  • Turn around quotes a lot faster, sometimes by weeks
  • Increase your chances of closing a sales by as much as 50%

InsurGrid currently powers over 450 agents to quickly collect declaration pages from their clients. Here’s some quotes I’ve received from agents lately - 

Matt Gardner - Agency Owner, Sea to Sky Insurance - "InsurGrid is a must have. First and foremost, if you're not gathering declaration pages for comparisons, that's not good. This tool makes it so easy and it shows the clients you have cutting edge technology available to help the insurance process move quickly, smoothly and efficiently."

Jeremy Myers - Agency Owner, Jeremy Myers Allstate Agency - "We've seen increased efficiency of time with staff not having to follow-up with the customer 10 times. InsurGrid has shortened the sales cycle by about 3 weeks."

Jerris Koplin - Insurance Agent, Insurity Insurance Group -“I was able to get a client's deceleration pages instantly and realized that his deductibles were $2,000 higher than what they needed to be. Easy win!”

The new InsurGrid Link is elegant, reliable, and above all, converts more clients. The team couldn’t be  more excited about launching the new InsurGrid Link and we have a ton of product enhancements planned over the coming months. My grandfather used to say, "your greatest security in life is your value to someone else” and we’re on a mission to make an insurance agent’s life easier. 

My favorite thing is spending time coaching agents on how to use digital tools to sell - I can’t wait to meet you and help you grow your agency! Sign up for an InsurGrid demo.