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December 6, 2021

How Insurance Agents Can Maximize Their Time & Drive Real Growth Results


Collect dec pages upfront, write more new policies, and sell more multi-line policies. Sign up for an InsurGrid demo.

Time is the universal currency. We all need more of it, argue that we don’t have enough, and there’s countless times that we’ve all tried to squeeze so much into so little. Clearly, time translates into insurance - both with prospects and agents. Having the ability to create more time is understandably the biggest ask from most people in the industry.

Insurance agencies, whether new or seasoned, are always looking for a way to streamline processes and include everything in one place. Something that will save time and money, while also being worth the investment. It’s often tricky to balance these things in an industry that needs to make decisions fast in every category of insurance. It’s the amount of time that is often measured when prospects decide which policies they would like for life, automotive, homes, and everything in between.

Automation for Agents That Build Trust and Save Time

Conversely, saving time also translates into insurance agency automation. Leads need to be qualified - emails, texts, and phone calls frequently take weeks during the sales cycle process. Insurance agent resources are limited and obviously time is of the essence. After spending so much time trying to qualify these insurance leads, the sales cycle might close after months or may never come to fruition. With our agency policy tool, it fosters a sense of security on the prospect’s side so you don’t have to spend that time building a relationship only to have it fall apart or not sell. Prospects are able to simply login, upload declarations/data, and agents immediately have access to a plethora of information and all policies that the lead holds.

Our tool creates a space where agents can easily view documents, ensure accuracy, and save hours of the monotonous back and forth with leads that breeds from the normal sales cycle. Additionally, InsurGrid generates cross selling insurance leads because they obtain every piece of data you need to make the sale possible. By streamlining the process of gathering documents, you can view information in one straightforward place - agents no longer have to sift through nonessential data, or click into and search through multiple screens and tabs. It houses everything necessary to becoming an independent agent, and more importantly saves the one thing we can never get back - time.


Collect dec pages upfront, write more new policies, and sell more multi-line policies. Sign up for an InsurGrid demo.

A Solution That Works Around the Clock

Today, we receive Amazon packages in two days, a text to a friend takes two seconds, and waiting in a coffee line for more than 10 minutes is unheard of. Insurance agencies need to keep up with this pace of innovation and speed because this is what prospects are used to. Clearly, if something takes too long, prospects search somewhere else in a split second. Lead management in insurance can be messy and all over the place. This causes a crack in organization, and a time consuming recovery of all data - the sell could be lost before agents even get an idea of where information is housed. The solution is a tool that creates no gap or lapse in service.

In fact, InsurGrid has the ability to work around the clock. It’s the key to the often costly effect of a prospect deciding to go with another agency. Individual agents are able to scale their sales to a larger level because they have a tool working for them. Insurance agencies have been the same for years, and agents need to rapidly keep up the pace. The old adage correctly assumes that “time is money,” and to grow to the level of service that needs to be achieved to keep up has to work for you as well. By using InsurGrid, agents can trust that the sales will go to them, even when they need to take a break. Not having the bandwidth to take on organization and qualifying prospects will be a problem of the past. Agents will be empowered to take on more than ever before because of our tool. Consequently, business will grow and every second will be valuable.

Making Life Easier Through Streamlining All Processes

By having all policies, declaration pages, and data in one place, agents can be more productive than ever before, while simultaneously making prospects feel safe and secure. By creating this symbiotic relationship, it makes the sales process easier and more refined. Every second is extremely important to your business. InsurGrid helps agents accomplish all the tasks that often take up the most time, so they have the ability to focus on the parts that are the most crucial to business. With this tool, you have the assurance of knowing the lead is qualified, and skip all the time you’ve previously spent on ensuring you have every piece you need to move forward with the process. Not only are you able to cross sell with this unique model, but you have the ease of use during an unprecedented time that demands a need for a touch less digital alternative. All that you need is easily online - providing seamless interactions for agents and prospects alike no matter what insurance you’re selling.