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December 6, 2021

How Insurance Agents Can Get Faster Access to Prospects’ Policy Information

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As the old saying goes, “Time is money.” And when you’re an insurance agent, every minute not spent closing business is a minute you’re not growing premiums.

Yet, far too often that is the reality for many insurance agents. 

Think about it: how much of your day is currently spent chasing down prospective client’s personal policy information?

If you’re like most insurance agents, you probably feel like you’re wasting too much of your precious time trying to gain access to the most important piece of information you need to provide an accurate quote: declaration pages. 

The Importance of Obtaining Prospects’ Complete Insurance Policy Information

Every agent knows that declaration pages are essential to qualifying and closing business. Without their complete current policy information, you’re unable to determine if a prospect is a good fit for your insurance products. 

How can you offer a competitive quote to someone if you don’t know what kind of coverage or premiums they currently have?

If you’re unable to obtain complete declaration pages from prospects in a timely manner, you’re not only losing time, money, and resources but you’re also lengthening your sales cycle and potentially losing business. 

The Challenges of Collecting Prospect Insurance Policy Information

The way we see it, there are three main obstacles to insurance agents receiving timely access to prospects’ declaration pages:

  1. Educating Prospects - Insurance can be complicated, confusing, and frustrating for people. Most need to be educated on the process, details, and terminology. So before you can ask a prospect to share their declaration pages with you, you need to explain to them what it is, why you need it and where they can find it — all of which takes time. And some people require more hand-holding than others.
  1. Waiting for Prospects to Gather & Share Policy Information - Once you’ve educated them on where they can retrieve their current policy information, you then have to wait for prospects to do the legwork of searching through their emails or logging into their current policy portals to download and share that information. Since most people don’t respond in a timely manner, you’re then forced to waste hours of your week chasing those people down for their information — either via email, phone or text. Not only does this put added work onto your prospect but it also serves to draw out your sales cycle. 
  1. Receiving Incomplete Policy Information - Even when prospective clients do share their declaration pages, they sometimes white out their premiums or only share one of their policies and not the rest of the policies on their current accounts. Without complete information, you can’t provide a competitive quote, and without access to all the policies on their accounts, you lose the opportunity to cross-sell prospects on other insurance products. 

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The Fastest Way to Collect Prospects' Complete Insurance Policy Information

Coming from a family of insurance agents, I acutely feel the pain and frustration agents experience when trying to obtain declaration pages from prospects in the manual, tedious, and time-consuming way that it’s traditionally been done. Which is why, with InsurGrid, we’ve set out to help automate this process for agents.  

Save You And Your Prospects Time

Instead of wasting hours manually chasing down prospect information, our Agent Policy Tool enables you to request and receive access to all the policies on a prospect’s current account via an online link that’s quick and easy for both you and your prospects to use. 

First, we provide agencies like yours with its own unique and personalized agent policy tool link to securely share with prospects. The beauty of this link is that it can be shared via email and text, but also anywhere you’d like to feature it on your website or even within digital ads, so you can be expanding your pool of prospects even while you sleep.

Once prospects click the link, they’ll be able to securely enter the basic personal information you need while also connecting directly to their current insurance provider with just a few clicks. No more need to educate people over the phone on what declaration pages are and where to find them. Our Agent Policy Tool clearly walks people through the information needed for you to provide them with an accurate quote. 

By eliminating the need for prospects to sift through messy filing cabinets and crowded inboxes, you’ve saved them time and improved their experience with your agency.

Once they’ve finished this quick three-step process, you’ll instantly gain access to all of the policies on that prospect's current insurance account via the InsurGrid agent dashboard —  presenting more opportunities to cross-sell other insurance policies (e.g. auto, home, renters, life, etc.) or effectively round-out current client accounts.

And, we’ll send you an email notification every time a prospect’s information has been shared so you can immediately start pulling together accurate quotes.

Go Digital and Grow Your Business

Although it’s often proved challenging for resource-strapped insurance agencies to go digital, InsurGrid is making it easy.

By providing you with a branded link that can be set up and shared with prospects in a matter of minutes, we’re saving you time while also enabling you to offer prospects the type of streamlined digital experience they now expect from companies across industries. With InsurGrid, your agency can start keeping pace with the big Direct2Consumer insurance tech companies, like Lemonade, that have stepped in to help fill that digital gap for consumers. 

No more wasting weeks manually chasing down prospect’s policy information, only to get inaccurate or incomplete information. Agencies like yours are already seeing meaningful results with our Agent Policy Tool. 

Village Insurance agency owner, Kim, told us, “With InsurGrid, I accelerated my ability to close a prospect with a $3,500 premium.”

With faster access to all the policies on a prospect’s current insurance account, you can quickly qualify prospects, shorten sales cycles, efficiently manage referrals, strengthen your client relationships and grow your business.

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