With the InsurGrid Link, clients can easily share their dec pages in just a few clicks.

Make your P&C agent life easier, save precious time, and close more deals.

Stop wasting time and money.

InsurGrid helps P&C agents collect dec pages in half the time, increase close rates by 50%, and improves retention.

How InsurGrid works.

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1. Share Your InsurGrid Link

We provide your own custom branded InsurGrid link to share with clients via email and text.

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2. Let Clients Connect

Clients securely enter basic information and connect their current provider.

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3. Instant Access to Dec Pages

We notify you when information has been submitted and you can review instantly.


4. Everyone is Delighted

You save time without nagging the client. The clients puts in minimal work to receive a quote.

How P&C Agents Use InsurGrid

With just a few simple clicks, your clients can quickly, easily and securely share their insurance information. Helping you save time and money.

Collect Dec Pages to Quote

Agents use InsurGrid for anyone they need to get dec pages from to quote. Instead of waiting for the client to email you their dec pages (which they will probably send their ID card), agents send their InsurGrid link and instantly get all the information they need.

Round Out Accounts

Agents today receive a lot of their leads from centers of influence like loan officers and mortgage brokers. Instead of just writing the home policy then trying to cross-sell the auto, agents send their InsurGrid link to the client to get auto/umbrella/life policies to bundle up front

Separate Yourself as an Agent

Today's Agents all do the same thing: they email their clients or talk to them on the phone and ask the client to send their dec pages (which rarely works). Agents using InsurGrid simply send their InsurGrid link and provide the easiest way to share information for a competitive quote.

InsurGrid makes it easy for you and your clients.

Create a better client experience, stop spending time chasing down clients for their dec pages, and close more deals.

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