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October 3, 2022

Expediting Property And Casualty Claims Processing With Insurance Claims Software


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Claim processing continues to present complexities and added overhead to insurance companies today. The more time an insurance company takes to decide on a given claim directly correlates to crime leakage and increased costs that impact the insurance company's reserve.

The claim management process can be complex, as it involves checking claim requests for validation and adequate information, justification, and authenticity. As such, insurers must evaluate innovative approaches to property and casualty claim processing, primarily through insurance claim software.

What Is P&C Insurance Software?

Property and casualty insurance software provides insurers with tools and applications to manage the client's contact information, marketing activities, and processes on a centralized platform to unify operations. This software simplifies all critical insurance functions, including claim management, customer relationship management, back-office operations, policy administration and management, proof of insurance, data visualizations, reporting, and document management.
Some property and casualty insurance claims software also encompass broker and agent portals, commission management, marketing automation, customer portal, and reinsurance administration.

The best P&C insurance software is one that is tailored to offer solutions to property and casualty insurance providers, has automated product pricing and quote generation capabilities, can manage clients, contain workflow management tools, and provides reporting tools for insurance agents to ensure frictionless automation.

What Is a Claim Management System?

Claim management systems are built to help insurers evaluate and manage insurance claims. This system enables an agent to manage the claims process with automated workflows in a system that contains recorded claim details in a centralized place. Claim details include litigation, settlement communications, negotiation, relevant policy information, and claim assessments.

Both enterprise and independent insurance agencies often use insurance claim management systems to facilitate their agents in managing the client's claims. With this claims management solution, insurers can reduce claims management costs, enhance customer experience, and reduce fraudulent claims.

To qualify as a claim management system, a product must be able to do the following:

  • Support claims and settlement workflows
  • Provide capabilities for risk assessment, identification of claim complexity, and the likelihood of litigation
  • Analyze data to pinpoint potential instances of fraudulent claims
  • Allow users to create claim reports

Benefits of Using Insurance Claims Management Software

As an insurer, you are tasked with compiling technical data and performing various tasks in line with the terms included in the agreement. This includes collecting crucial documentation and other repetitive and complex procedures. With claim management software, you can streamline these processes, which will help improve accuracy.

Consider the following other advantages of using insurance claim software.

Expediting Property and Casualty Claims Processing

With a claim management system, you get access to all information and documentation surrounding a claim in a single interface, regardless of its origination or format. When managing the first notice of loss (FNOL), you can start with paper, email, SMS, or phone call.

The claim management system then kicks off an automation process that assigns work, generates acknowledgment letters, and handles special investigations and settlements. This helps speed up the time spent managing each claim, which means insurers get to handle more claims in a day.

Gaining Access to All Information Relating to an Accident

After an accident, adjusters must access all information to adjust a claim properly. Most times, the adjusters request that information from the parties involved through either phone calls or emails.

As such, it is essential to have a system for creating correspondence and documentation of phone records and other information that is key in insurance claim processing. Additionally, managing replies from involved parties can be difficult, considering that an adjuster gathers information from various sources, making it a task-related process.

With claim management software, you can easily capture claims, gain instant access to the required information, and identify any missing information.

Eliminating Human Error

Claim management software has come to redefine traditional claims and policy management methods that are tedious and repetitive, making them prone to error. Insurers can quickly eliminate mistakes and improve efficiency with processing software that automates data collection and input.
The insurance claim management software is not only helpful to the insurers but also to their clients. This cloud-based software allows the customers to fill in an insurance claim quickly, efficiently, and less stressfully. This highly increases customer satisfaction.

Standardizing the Claim Management Process

The insurance claim management software helps insurers create a fully integrated system that every team member can follow. The system captures all relevant claim information and records unlimited text notes and calls from multiple users. It also uploads and stores related files of all types and generates template-based correspondence.

This allows the team members to quickly and effectively execute their tasks within the claim process without being redundant or confused. It also allows the insurance organization to assign tasks, manage and run projects, and train new team members.

Ensuring the Security of Data

Insurance claim management software is built securely, protecting personal and financial data from third parties. This is done by encrypting the data to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the information using their credentials.


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Insurance Claims Management Software Comparison

Claim processing is vital in every insurance agency. It is thus essential to ensure that you choose the best software that fits seamlessly into your existing IT environment and helps expedite property and casualty claim processing. The claim management software should be compatible with your current software and be able to handle and store documents.

Below is a comparison of some major property and casualty insurance claims software.


This insurance claim management software automates risk management functions from incident inception to claims closure. It is a powerful workflow system that digitizes proactive safety forms such as JSAs, JHAs, observations, and inspections. It also standardizes business processes and enables collaboration from when the incident is reported, through investigations and claim reviews, to settlement.


  • It is very user-friendly
  • Organizes risk management items in one spot for ease of access
  • Excellent customer service with openness to suggestions on how to improve performance


  • It does not accept Loss Runs in PDF format
  • A little slow to process data
  • It might need some upgrading in its reporting capabilities
  • Pricing
  • Price is based on customer's requirements.

Ventiv Claims

Ventiv Claims is a claims administration system comprised of multiple management modules and other supporting modules. It delivers innovative risk, insurance and claims software solutions to facilitate business process management. Ventiv Claims top features include an activity dashboard, alerts/notifications, accounting integration, and case management.


  • It is up-to-date with the new trend in the claim management industry
  • Easy to use for front-end users
  • Easy distribution of benefits


  • The turnaround of IT work is sometimes slow due to work being "framed out"
  • Navigation within claim screens is sometimes problematic
  • Pricing
  • Prices vary depending on the customer's requirement.


FileTrac is among the leading claim management system in the industry. Its top features include web-based report delivery, notes, autofill reports, advanced reporting features, invoice generation, and 24/7 uptime.


  • Expert customer support
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Highly scalable hence accommodating any size of a firm
  • Provides new features to book productivity


  • Some user rights tools need additional development
  • Pricing
  • The price is customized based on features and training requirements and is provided on request.

What Other Software Do Claims Adjusters Use?

Insurance carriers also use other types of software to complete different tasks accurately. For instance, they use data collecting and quoting software while collecting essential data from insurance holders and new members. This helps expedite the process and save time on administrative tasks.

They also use an Agency Management System (ANS) to help with contact management and client interaction. The system helps to analyze, manage, and support clients during property and casualty claim processing.

Another essential software is the customer relationship management tool which assists clients who reach out to the claim adjusters. This software is also called the ticketing system, and it helps agents to manage, keep track, prioritize, and resolve client queries.

Expedite Your Property and Casualty Claim Processing With the Help of InsurGrid

Insurance is a competitive industry that encounters challenges in onboarding and retaining customers. However, customers are delighted when an insurance company goes the extra mile to ensure their property and casualty claims are processed fast.

The traditional way of managing a claim is lengthy, expensive, and time-consuming, which is why claim management software is the best solution. Insurance carriers investing in property and casualty insurance claims software improve accuracy and streamline the process to improve operational efficiency.

InsurGrid is an excellent tool for insurance agents and agencies. It eases the process of customer enrollment, quoting, and claims processing to allow your agents to focus on customer conversion. Talk to us today sign up for an InsurGrid Sales demo and revolutionize property and casualty claim processing to help retain customers.