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Make buying insurance effortless for your clients. InsurGrid collects dec pages to save time and close more deals.

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How InsurGrid works

InsurGrid allows clients to connect their insurance account. The insurance agent receives the client's policy data in a dashboard to prepare a new quote.

A recording of the InsurGrid Link connecting to an insurance account
Client connects their insurance account
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Agent receives their policy data
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People share their dec pages through a link? You bet.

Prevent your clients from having trouble sharing their insurance information with you. Provide them the option to effortlessly share all their dec pages instantly.

No more filing through papers
No more “I’ll have to wait until I get home”
No more “I have to check with my wife”
No more white out on dec pages
No more endless back and forth

Here’s why over 1500 insurance agents love InsurGrid

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Better Client Experience

No one likes to find their dec pages. Make your client’s lives easier and provide an effortless way to share their dec pages.

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No More Wasted Time

Collect all the information you need (contact info, DL numbers, coverages, premium, expirations, and more) in one place.

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Higher Sales Conversions

Insurance agents use InsurGrid to convert more clients into binded policies. Our platform removes friction from the sales process.

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Clients Who Stay Longer

Multi-line accounts have on average 75% retention. Use InsurGrid to easily collect dec pages and expand your book of business.

How insurance agents use InsurGrid on a daily basis

Use InsurGrid with new clients and across your book of business. Our platform makes buying and selling insurance easy in every sales situation.

New Leads
Old Leads
Commercial Clients
Purchased Leads
Social Media
Digital Advertising

Learn why insurance agents rely on InsurGrid

More success stories

“InsurGrid is a must have. First and foremost, if you're not gathering declaration pages for comparisons, that's not good. This tool makes it so easy and it shows the clients you have cutting edge technology available to help the insurance process move quickly, smoothly and efficiently."

Matt Gardner
Sea to Sky Insurance

"We've seen increased efficiency of time with staff not having to follow-up with the customer 10 times. InsurGrid has shortened the sales cycle by about 3 weeks.”

Jeremy Myers
Jeremy Myers Allstate Agency

"In two and a half weeks with you guys I had 10 bound policies. That's 10 commissions that I am getting because of InsurGrid, if I look back I can't remember the last time I had success like that."

Jason Conner
Liberty Mutual Insurance

“I’ve had six different clients in three days, one of them being a 61 year-old who completed it in three minutes without any hesitation. The others were so busy and used to using apps so it’s not a big deal to them at all."

Josh Bagby
Providence Insurance

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