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Agents using InsurGrid daily

InsurGrid is a must have. First and foremost, if you're not gathering deceleration pages for comparisons, that's not good. This tool makes it so easy and it shows the clients you have cutting edge technology available to help the insurance process move quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

Matt Gardner
Sea to Sky Insurance

“I was able to get a clients Dec Pages instantly and realized that his deductibles were $2,000 higher than what they needed to be. Easy win!

Jerris Koplin
Insurity Insurance Group

“I’ve had six different clients in three days, one of them being a 61 year old who completed it in three minutes without any hesitation. The others were so busy and used to using apps so it’s not a big deal to them at all”

Josh Bagby
Providence Insurance

Why InsurGrid is the best tool for any insurance agent?

Your clients don't want to talk to you on the phone or go back and forth over email. They want to buy it online like they can with literally everything else on the internet. Let's give them what they want.

Speed up the sale process

Receive your clients dec pages in seconds — giving you the ammunition you need to win the sale

Save 4 hours of information gathering

Eliminate back and forth with your client by sending them your InsurGrid link

Give clients what they WANT

People order an Uber when they want to go somewhere. No reason to give them a taxi-cab like experience when buying insurance.

Eliminate guesswork

InsurGrid educates your client on what's actually included in their coverage

Cross-selling made easy

Pull all insurance policies (auto/home/umbrella/life) to make bundling an easy sale

Stand out from other Agents

InsurGrid’s platform gives you a leg up on your competition