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How Independent Insurance Agent Jason Conner Closed 10 Policies in Two Weeks with InsurGrid

Learn how InsurGrid helped Insurance Agent, Jason Conner, streamline his sales process. Saving his clients time and securing more one-call closes than ever before.

Learn how InsurGrid helped Insurance Agent, Jason Conner, streamline his sales process. Saving his clients time and securing more one-call closes than ever before.

The Challenge

Like many agents, Jason’s prospects were working in the dark. They lacked visibility into what they were paying for, what their coverage provided, and an easy way to gather this information. As a result, Jason’s sales process required a series of follow-up calls — dragging out his time to close and creating a slow and tedious experience for everyone involved. Jason needed a quick and easy way to pull policy information.

The Outcome

With the InsurGrid Link and a swift client login, Jason had instant access to client deck pages. Giving him fast, accurate and complete policy details — in one fell swoop. InsurGrid helped Jason expedite his sales process, secure more business, and help his clients faster.

How InsurGrid Helped

Not only has Jason had more one-call closes than ever before, he secured ten bound policies in his first two weeks of using InsurGrid. Learn more on why he says, "Every person who sells insurance needs this.”

Coming from a long history in hospitality, Jason had a natural market of insurance leads to bring to his new line of business. Years of experience in another field also allowed him to bring a fresh set of eyes to the industry, where he quickly noticed the speed bumps of selling insurance. Now with six years of insurance experience under his belt, Jason is no stranger to the friction of the quote process. 

The Speed Bumps of Selling Insurance

Like many agents, Jason noticed that his clients were working in the dark — calling for new quotes without knowing exactly what their current coverage entailed. They had no visibility into what they were paying for, what they needed, or what they were missing. He often found that when he received a call, his prospects knew how much they paid every month, but they had no idea what that payment covered, nor did they have a quick and easy way to retrieve that information. 

Getting correct and complete declaration page details from prospects was a constant and ongoing challenge. 

“You ask a room full of people to raise their hand if they know all the lines in your auto or homeowner’s policy, not one hand goes up.”

Explaining to people what declaration pages were, why they’re important and how to find them was effectively eating up his call time. His quote process often snowballed into a series of follow-up calls with increasingly busy clients. A slow, clunky, and tedious experience that wasted everyone's time.

While an agent may have the time to follow up, an increasingly busy client can’t always afford the same luxury. What should take a quick call back can quickly turn into an extended game of phone tag. Not to mention, without access to accurate policy information, Jason was missing out on opportunities to cross-sell products. Jason knew he needed a way to pull accurate deck pages on demand.

Unlocking Policy Information — Instantly

Enter: InsurGrid. Using the InsurGrid Link, Jason provided his prospects with a secure and seamless way to share their current policy information. Giving Jason instant access to the right information — what a prospect was paying, what they had covered, and what they were missing — all on one phone call. Making Jason one step closer to closing new business every single call. And as a result, Jason closed ten bound policies within his first two weeks using InsurGrid.

“I’m one call closer than before to closing new deals, all through online account information. It takes less than 3 minutes to get everything I need to present [a client] with the quote that they’re looking for. ”

Closing More Business with InsurGrid

For Jason, InsurGrid meant more one-call closes than ever before, For his clients, InsurGrid meant a quick and pain-free customer experience to get the coverage they needed.

With instant, accurate access to prospect policy information, InsurGrid transformed Jason’s strategy from a follow-up game to an offensive strategy, to win after win for both him and his clients.

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