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How Insurance Agencies use EZLynx and InsurGrid to Make Their Lives Easier

Learn how agencies across the country are integrating two insurance solutions to streamline the sales process and ultimately make their lives easier.

Learn how agencies across the country are integrating two insurance solutions to streamline the sales process and ultimately make their lives easier.

The Challenge

Using Insurance Software to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Any strong agent knows the importance of using the right tools to simplify their process. For insurance agents, EZLynx provides a platform to help manage their agency in one succinct place. From lead management to email marketing, to retention strategies — EZLynx provides resources to help maintain and sustain an agency’s workflow with ease. InsurGrid gives agents an instant, accurate way to pull client and prospect policy information. Helping them uncover and close more business. Now, agencies around the country are integrating the two solutions to automate their workflows, spend less time managing leads, and more time selling.

The Outcome

Closing More Business with InsurGrid & EZLynx

With the InsurGrid Link, a client's name, carrier, and online login — agents can request and receive existing client declaration pages through a secure and seamless portal. Chad Bingham of Bingham Insurance Group combined the power of InsurGrid and EZLynx to build an automated process to gather the information he needs to give his clients an accurate and timely quote — allowing his agents to spend more time closing and less time document digging.

With an instant, accurate way to pull client policy information and the EZLynx lead management, the Bingham Insurance Group created an automated email channel to gather client dec pages. Eliminating hours of back and forth phone calls and lead nurturing. Increasing their average customer policy by 20% and earning them an additional $120,484 in added premiums. Combining InsurGrid and EZLynx helped his team close more business with a simplified and automated sales process, improving the experience for both prospects and agents alike.

How InsurGrid Helped

Moving Clients Down the Pipeline, Faster 

Jeff Eastvold and his team at Absolute Insurance use InsurGrid and EZlynx to combine the power of prospect policy gathering and lead management. When they enter an insurance lead into their system, it automatically emails them with instructions to access the InsurGrid link. Meaning Jeff and his team can pull all the records they need to make an informed customer quote, before even sitting down with a client. Aggregating all of a client’s records into one complete place has helped Absolute Insurance uncover gaps in coverage and unlock more business. Helping Jeff and his team build a stickier book of business for years to come.

An Easy, Automated Workflow

If EZLynx is the tool to help oversee an agency, InsurGrid is the key to accelerating the quote process. Combined, the two complement each other for a full-funnel suite of tools that supercharge the sales process into an automated workflow. 

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