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March 10, 2022

How To Get P&C Insurance Leads As An Agent


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As the biggest insurance sector in the US, property and casualty (P&C) insurance products cover a broad spectrum of necessary policies for both business owners and residents. However, potential customers aren't consistently in the market for these products. This is why P&C insurance agents need a steady stream of leads to achieve consistent conversions and sales. Leads are the potential customers who are more likely to purchase an insurance product than other consumers. With quality leads, you can focus your efforts on the consumers who are most likely to need insurance.

High Quality Leads Will Grow Your Business

Without quality leads, insurance agents would generate income based solely on renewals. While renewals are an important part of your business, you can't fuel growth with existing customers. In the absence of growth, businesses become stagnant and risk failing to stay afloat with rising business costs. By generating leads through a variety of sources, you can create sustainable growth as a single agent or a growing company.

Make More Money

At the end of the day, your business exists to make money. Like any industry, you have certain business expenses as an agent. The ability to generate new insurance leads offers an opportunity to increase conversions and ultimately grow your wealth each year. 

What is Considered a P&C Insurance Lead?

Someone who has expressed interest in the products and services you sell is considered a lead. This person is someone that is more likely to be converted to a customer than a consumer who isn't seeking insurance. Property and casualty insurance covers a variety of products. Therefore, a P&C insurance lead may be a consumer who has shown interest or requested a quote for commercial insurance, auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, or renter's insurance to name a few. 

While these products can potentially provide you with a large customer base, not every consumer who needs a policy is a prospective customer. Auto insurance is a requirement in every state, and as you might expect, some consumers have no interest in switching providers. However, a portion of your marketing should always concentrate on the benefits you can offer that your competitors might not. Generally, P&C insurance leads are consumers seeking a policy for the first time or hoping to increase benefits or save money by working with a different insurance agent. 

Most Effective Ways to Generate Insurance Leads

In today's age of communication, insurance agents have the advantage of access to lead generation tools, tested strategies, and new technologies to exponentially increase the potential number of accessible leads for any policy type. By combining a variety of lead generation techniques, you are most likely to create a successful pipeline with more potential conversions. These are some of the most effective ways to generate insurance leads.

Customer Referrals

Is there anyone who can sell your insurance policies better than you can? Your happy customers probably can. 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know. Introductions to potential clients from satisfied customers or other people who already trust you give you the advantage of a shared connection to build immediate trust. This can lead to improved conversion rates and improved customer retention since referred customers have been proven to be 18% more loyal and have a 16% higher lifetime value.

There are a variety of ways to seek referrals from your existing customers. Besides setting up a referral program with rewards, you can ask customers directly and include easy-to-use tools like an email referral template. No matter what method you use to acquire referrals, remember to send the original customer a note of appreciation.

Be Active On Social Media

Your online marketing efforts should not be confined to your business website alone. 69% of insurance customers conducted an online search before scheduling an appointment with an insurance provider. Social media offers insurance agents a way to meet potential customers where they are and win trust with meaningful and engaging connections.

  • Facebook: With the capability to post any type of content, longer posts that offer relevant information like policy coverage explanations, FAQs, and how-tos can be included in your feed. 
  • LinkedIn: As a more professional social media platform, LinkedIn is ideal for agents looking to generate leads through content marketing. Try publishing articles related to the industry or share infographics that visualize complex topics in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Instagram: Interacting with your clients couldn't be easier. Use Instagram to use visuals that connect insurance products to the valuable products they protect. Share related images and respond to comments and questions posted by other users. 

Looking for ways to promote your agency on social media? Level-up your agency's social media presence to attract new clients with our 15 social media sales templates.

Paid Ads and Pay Per Click

Paid advertising has probably been around since the barter system existed. However, technology takes paid advertising to a whole new level. Carefully targeted paid advertising can make your ad the first thing potential customers see when they type in certain keywords. This extensive reach provides you with more leads than practically any other method. The most popular paid ad choices include those on social media sites and Google Adwords.

  • Facebook and Instagram Paid Ads: Best for targeting new audiences likely to be interested in your product, Facebook paid ads offers comprehensive targeting, ad placement options, a low click-through rate, and a conversion rate of 9.21%
  • Google Adwords: Best for products or brands that audiences are already searching for, Google Ads are slightly more expensive than social media advertising. Google Ads also have placement options but have a slightly higher click-through rate and a lower conversion rate than social media ads.

Community Activities

Local insurance agents offer niche expertise in the neighborhoods they serve. Your business is a part of the community and interacting with local businesses and residents will help identify you as a familiar citizen with something worthy to offer. There are a variety of ways you can give back to the community, including:

  • Sponsoring local charity events 
  • Participating in school district functions
  • Hosting sporting events or golf tournaments
  • Acting as a guest speaker for business groups
  • Taking part in area meetups or online forums


Most people need some type of insurance. By forming a local network, you can reach out to a variety of people and share information about your available policies. Some popular methods of networking include joining industry groups, attending local public events, guest blogging for relevant professionals, and finding partners. 

Online Business Directory Listings

Local business is the lifeblood of insurance agencies. If your local visibility is low, you may not achieve the conversions you need to stay afloat, much less, grow your business. Your online presence is useful for more than brand recognition, it can also be crucial for alerting local customers to your existence. Mobile queries that contain the phrase "insurance near me" have grown over 100% in the last two years. By listing your business in online directories, you can gain more local exposure.


While high-tech tools and online options offer several ways to bring leads to your pipeline, don't discount the value of direct mail. By sending out routine mailers, you can personalize your offerings to specific targets. By sending personalized mailers, you can offer exclusive benefits, target cross-selling opportunities, and ask for referrals.

Join a Referral Networking Group

When your customers see insurance as something they're required to purchase, they often lose interest in the details. By connecting insurance policies with the products they protect, consumers are more likely to be interested in related insurance products. One way to achieve this is to join a referral networking group. This provides you with an opportunity to partner with related local businesses. By partnering with local mortgage brokers and lending officers, you automatically become a first choice for consumers making a big purchase. An automated referral finding partner can make this option quick and easy.

Create a Blog

As an insurance agent, you have a strong understanding of your products and the important role they serve. Your business website is a place to share important information regarding insurance policies. By adding a blog to your website, you can also offer high-value content that provides consumers with increased knowledge of the policies available and how to avoid coverage gaps. With expert-level knowledge on the subject, writing relevant blog posts will likely be easy. However, the blank page can also be intimidating, and it's crucial to ensure you provide content in an easily digestible format your potential customers will want to read.

How to Improve Lead Conversion

Lead generation is a vital part of building a customer pipeline to continually bring in consumers that can lead to conversions. By using tried-and-true methods alongside new technology, you can increase your lead generation in a way that predictably feeds your customer pipeline. InsurGrid makes it easy for clients to share essential information for their insurance purchase in a few clicks. Remove friction from the sales process and convert more clients into binded policies. Sign up for an InsurGrid demo.