An insurance agents life should be
easier in the 21st Century.

InsurGrid makes your life easier, takes the heavy lifting off the client, and enables you to extend a modern experience.

Why InsurGrid is helping insurance agents become more successful.

Today’s tech-savvy consumers shop online for insurance and seek simple digital experiences that are often difficult and very costly for agents to provide. We're changing this.

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Our software is helping agents save time and sell more premium.

Insurance agents use InsurGrid to collect dec pages from clients instantly. It's easier for the client and the agent. It's a win-win.

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Wasting time

Agents have to educate and instruct clients on where to find their information and what they should share.

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Uninformed clients

Clients do not know where to find their information, they don't have a process to follow, and often lose interest because of this.

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Inaccurate info

Agents often receive inaccurate information from clients - white out over premiums, receive policy IDs or incorrect documents.

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Long sales cycles

The biggest friction point in the sales process is the agent and client spending time collecting information.

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Introducing InsurGrid

With just a few clicks, prospects can quickly, easily and securely share their insurance information with agents.

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