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Webinar Recording - 2021 Insurance Sales Process Secrets

I realized my family's insurance agency sales process is still very similar to my great great grandfather's sales process in the 1800's. Agents now spend less than 36% of the time selling, and 92% of American's still don't know what comprehensive coverage means. This is not the recipe for successful selling in 2021 and something needs to change for agents.

By the end of this webinar, you'll walk away with the ONE thing agents get wrong as they navigate selling insurance in the 21st century and we'll teach you how to get ahead of it so you can 3X your book of business.

Learn how to make your life easier! 

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Who is Chase Beach?

My family has been in the insurance industry since 1876

My parents today run an insurance agency in Cincinnati, Ohio (my Dad's license plate says "Life Man")

My San Francisco journey -I worked at OpenDNS to build their outbound sales team and helped sell to Cisco for $635M

Robotics tech startup's first sales hire where I sold the world's first industrial exoskeleton system to the United States Navy

On a mission to help insurance agents save time and
make more money

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Chase Beach profile picture who is the Co-Founder at InsurGrid

Implement InsurGrid's Insurance Sales Process.

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Reduce wasted time on paperwork

Agents have to educate and instruct prospects on where to find their information and what they should share.

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Keep prospects informed

Prospects do not know where to find their information, they don't have a process to follow, and often lose interest because of this.

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Collect accurate information

Agents often receive inaccurate information from prospects - white out over premiums, receive policy IDs or incorrect documents.

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Long sales cycles

The largest friction point in the sales process is the agent and prospect spending time collecting information.